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I’m going to put together a little page about framing House of Cats paintings. Some buyers seemed to be worried that they would have to spend a lot of money on framing.

But I’ve made the mat boards certain standard sizes so you can buy a frame even at a dollar store, and the picture will go in perfectly. One just has to pay attention to the size, which I specify on an item’s page.

Or if I’ve missed doing that, I’ll remedy it. 5

Vintage Paper


I was thrilled to discover this old paper I inherited from my Mom actually was dated 1941, and was hand-made in England by the company (now gone) that made paper for many of the greats! There will certainly be some House of Cats pictures done with it. The link goes to my main blog, Utopia Moment. [link]

Paintings are arriving!

My first batch of paintings is making its way out to the new owners. I’m happy I went the extra mile, and paid some attention to packing. Seems to work, even with the big multi-painting envelopes.

I’m going to do a little feature on how I pack these things. Not right this moment, however. Would like to be doing more paintings, but the stars aren’t aligned right, yet.